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Motor Vehicle Deaths Continue to Rise in 2021, However Local Numbers Remain the Same

Chandler | Conway

Chandler | Conway

Wednesday July 21, 2021

According to the Federal Highway Administration, and as reported by the National Safety Counsel, motor vehicle deaths in May were up 21% since last year. “Monthly Preliminary Motor-Vehicle Fatalities Estimates – May 2021”,, National Safety Counsel, 2021. However, the number of Nebraska fatalities and personal injury claims resulting from car accidents, trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents has remained fairly steady since rising significantly in 2019. The Nebraska Department of Transportation recently reported that 30 people were killed in traffic crashes this past June 2021, only one more than the previous year. “June Traffic Fatality Toll”,, Nebraska Department of Transportation, July 19, 2021. Whether local numbers have stayed consistent due to the significant increase in over-the-road shipments, the lack of mass transit, the increased use of cell phones or other factors remains to be seen; but what is certain is that the numbers are still too high. Currently, Nebraska averages roughly 225 to 250 motor vehicle deaths per year, many of which involve wrongful death claims. Hopefully, the continued advent of vehicle safety technology, combined with increased awareness of the dangers of distracted driving will help decrease the number of fatalities in years to come.

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