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Apple Seeking to Make iPhone Into Medical Records Storage Device

Chandler | Conway

Chandler | Conway

Monday June 19, 2017

This past week Fortune Magazine published an article by Don Reisinger regarding Apple’s attempts to turn the iPhone into a personal medical chart.  Anyone who has suffered serious injury or received significant medical treatment understands how frustrating dealing with medical records can be.  One trip to the emergency room can result in multiple medical records and medical bills, and when you are moving between treatment providers, such as when being referred to a specialist, keeping track of and/or maintaining your records can be a huge pain, especially regarding treatment that may have taken place years prior.  As a plaintiff’s injury law firm that focuses on handling cases for clients that have been injured in car accidents, we are constantly dealing with the obtaining of, and organization of our clients’ medical records.  It remains to be seen exactly how long it will be before records are immediately accessible via our own personal handheld electronic devices, however,  it seems inevitable, and I for one am looking forward to it.


Apple Could Turn the iPhone Into a Personal Medical Chart

-Don Reisinger

Chandler | Conway

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