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Felony Drug Offenses

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Regardless of your opinions on the “War on Drugs” in America, one thing is for sure: people who are arrested for drug crimes face some of the most overwhelming sentences both in terms of fines and time in prison. If you have been charged with any type of a drug charge — possession of a controlled substance, selling, manufacturing, or possession with intent to deliver —, contact our office to find out what your rights are and discuss your options.

Possession of a Controlled Substance

This is typically the most common drug-related charge; the simple act of having an illegal drug in your possession. Regardless of the substance (and yes, marijuana is still illegal in Nebraska), avoiding the permanent charge on your record is best for your future employment, education, and housing options.

Fentanyl & More Serious Charges

One very troubling trend we have been seeing throughout the Midwest is large batches of illegal drugs being contaminated with fentanyl or other foreign substances causing massive casualties and, in some cases, multiple deaths. Prosecutors are getting extremely aggressive with cases involving charges for drug delivery resulting in death, meaning distributing drugs can result in significantly enhanced charges carrying penalties of 20 years to life imprisonment for a first offense.

The criminal defense attorneys at Chandler Conway can explain your situation and the potential penalties you are facing in terms you can understand while making certain your rights are protected.