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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal defense cases involve the defense of criminal charges, whether at the state court or federal court level.

While the basis of many criminal charges can often also result in potential civil liability, criminal cases always involve prosecution of criminal charges by the government. In Nebraska, criminal charges are filed by either the local city attorney, local county attorney, or the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Our criminal defense attorneys provide representation for many types of criminal cases in both state and federal court.

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Client Story

My first attorney was from a different firm and was unable to help me and could not even return my calls; that’s when I hired Marcus Sladek. He went over everything with me personally at his office. He was able to get all my charges dropped besides one misdemeanor, but more importantly, he kept me out of jail, which the previous lawyer assured me there was no way of avoiding. I have nothing but goods things to say about Marcus as he kept in contact with me throughout the entire case, and he did an outstanding job representing me. I can’t thank him enough for doing such an excellent job when all odds were against me he was at my side and the outcome was better than I had expected.

Past Criminal Defense Client

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to retain a criminal defense attorney?

Attorney’s fees for criminal cases are very case specific. It depends on the type of case, the charges filed, and the jurisdiction where the criminal case is being prosecuted.

What types of criminal cases does your office handle?

The criminal defense attorneys at Chandler Conway have extensive experience in defending criminal clients against all types of criminal charges ranging from Driving Under the Influence (DUI) to Serious Drug Offenses to Gun Charges and even Murder. In addition, every attorney at Chandler Conway who represents criminal clients has actual jury trial experience.

What is a bond?

A bond in a criminal case is an agreement whereby a criminal defendant pays a sum of money into the court to help ensure their future appearance. If the defendant absconds, the amount of money paid into the court is forfeited. Bonds can also be assigned for varying reasons, including being utilized to retain an attorney.