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Can I Choose Where I Have My Back Surgery?

Yes.  When you have been injured in a car accident, you get to decide which health care providers treat you for your injuries.  Hospitals and primary care physicians often give referrals to doctors and surgeons within their own networks.  Injured patients sometimes do not realize they have other options for treatment.  If you are still having pain in your back or spine after attempts at more conservative treatment such as physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments, speak with your family, friends and attorney about which back specialists near you have the best reputations for treating the type of discomfort you are experiencing.

When you are dealing with a back injury, or any injury, that you suffered from an auto accident, the most important thing is your health.  Keep in contact with your lawyer and discuss all of your treatment options before even attempting to settle your insurance claim.  You should not even consider negotiating until you have reached your maximum medical improvement and have a firm grasp on how your injuries have resolved, as well as what impact they may have on your future.

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