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What are Chemical Dependency Evaluations & DUIs

Often times when you are arrested for drunk driving (DUI) you will at some point need to obtain a chemical dependency evaluation (CDE).  Technically, some type of alcohol or drug evaluation is required before sentencing on a charge of Driving Under the Influence; however, if you have no prior record the court will usually allow the probation office’s questionnaire to serve as your evaluation.

What Consists of an Evaluation?

A chemical dependency evaluation consists of you meeting with a licensed professional who after interviewing you and assessing your results on a number of standardized testing instruments, gives an opinion as to your level of alcohol or drug dependency along with a recommendation of future necessary treatment.  There are many licensed professionals in Omaha and surrounding areas who are able to provide these evaluations.

If you are covered by health insurance, often your insurance carrier will provide insurance coverage for a CDE.  There are also many places who offer services based on a sliding scale in comparison with your annual income, including places such as Lutheran Family Services and Catholic Charities.

If you have recently been arrested or received a citation for DUI, or if you simply have a drug or alcohol problem that you would like to address, speak to your lawyer about obtaining an evaluation.  If you are facing prosecution on a subsequent offense of Driving Under the Influence, you will need an evaluation if you would like to be considered for DUI probation.


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