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Employees Need to Report Injuries

Chandler | Conway

Chandler | Conway

Tuesday January 10, 2023

If you are hurt at work, it’s critical to fill out all of the required reports, turn them in to the appropriate people, and make sure you have your own copy of the reports.   Getting a work comp claim paid fully and on-time can be a challenge.  The job of the work comp insurance company is to protect their own financial interests.  Unfortunately, this can mean delaying, devaluing, and even outright denying legitimate claims from injured workers.

What Paperwork Needs to Be Filled Out After a Work Injury? 

Every employer is going to have a slightly different process, and it’s likely it was just explained to you once during employee orientation.  Do not be shy or ashamed to ask your manager, or their boss who is the correct person / people who need to get the report detailing your work injury.  Getting the work injury report to the right people is important.  

What Should I Do After a Work Injury?   Do I Need to go to the Hospital?  

In short, yes.  If your injury warrants a hospital visit, you absolutely should go to the hospital as well as any follow up appointments.  It’s much better to be told that you are okay and get sent home than to not go to the hospital and then realize you need to go later.  Any delay in seeking medical treatment will likely be treated by the work comp insurance company as an indicator that the injury was “not that serious”.

Chandler | Conway

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