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Injury Resulting from Semi-Truck Accident

Any auto accident where a semi-truck is involved usually results in serious injury and/or death.  In addition to standard laws and principles governing most auto injury claims, when a commercial truck or trailer is involved it brings up an entirely new set of issues.  There are many rules and regulations that apply to drivers and employers in the trucking industry, such as:

  • regulation of the use of a cellular phone
  • specific driving time limits
  • driver fatigue
  • improperly loaded cargo
  • violation of weight restrictions
  • maintenance failure
Investigators and attorneys for commercial insurance carriers are adept at investigation and damage control following a trucking accident.  Even more so than usual, it is important to speak with your truck accident lawyer immediately following the accident.  This allows your lawyer to obtain information pertaining to your injury claim while evidence is still available.  After weeks and months have passed following the accident, it can be difficult to locate evidence that was available immediately thereafter.
As an Omaha personal injury lawyer, I see these types of auto accidents occur on I-80, I-680, Dodge Street and other local highways and interstates on a regular basis.  If you, or someone close to you, have been involved in one of these trucking accidents, it is important to contact a local attorney sooner versus later to discuss your options.


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