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Why Truck Accident Injury Claims Are Different

Injury claims from trucking accidents are different from a typical car accident for a variety of reasons.  More and more goods continue to be shipped over the road, and while injuries and fatalities decreased temporarily due to COVID, roughly 150,000 people are injured in accidents involving large trucks (tractor-trailers) each year.  See Data on Large-truck Involvement in Injury Crashes, NSC Injury Facts, National Safety Council 2022

Although semi-trucks are considered motor vehicles, truck accident injury claims are not the same as auto injury claims involving passenger cars.  First off, injury accidents involving a tractor-trailer more often result in severe injuries due to the increased size and weight involved.  Second, in addition to the increased risk of serious injury or death, trucking accidents also involve different sets of rules and regulations, as well as a greater likelihood of there being multiple defendants and multiple defendant insurance carriers involved.

Federal regulations govern the interstate transport of goods, including things such as the way certain types of goods must be shipped, the amount of insurance required for a specific type of load and the number of hours a driver can log at one time.  There are also usually multiple parties involved in the transport of goods across state lines, such as: the entity wanting to ship the goods (“shipper”), the trucking company actually transporting the goods (“motor carrier”) and the entity that brokered the load between the shipper and the motor carrier (“broker”).  Each party in the shipment supply chain has its own responsibilities and must maintain its own insurance coverage.  More than one party may bear responsibility for injuries stemming from a trucking accident, and the question of liability can become even more complicated when you introduce even more issues, such as potential products liability claims or a truck driver who is an independent contractor and does not work directly for the motor carrier.

The bottom line is that injury claims can be complicated, especially when the injuries were caused from a trucking accident.  If you or a loved on have been injured in an accident involving a commercial tractor-trailer, it’s important to consult with counsel sooner versus later to discuss your options and locate the best truck accident injury attorney near you to help you navigate your claim.

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