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Are There Court Proceedings in a Personal Injury (PI) Claim?

Chandler | Conway

Chandler | Conway

Monday July 30, 2012

The answer is sometimes.  Typically, there are no court proceedings in a personal injury claim unless the claim is not resolved through settlement, and the injured party’s lawyer files a formal lawsuit against the person who is responsible for causing the injuries.

Most injury claims, especially car accident injury claims, are resolved prior to trial.  While it seems the number of lawsuits being filed by attorneys for car accident injury claims is rising in eastern Nebraska, most cases are still resolved prior to trial through either settlement negotiations between the parties or alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.  Each case and each person is different.  While some plaintiffs will do anything to have their day in court, others will do anything to avoid one.

The likelihood of your personal injury case resulting in a trial depends on many factors, many of which change throughout the course of your injury claim.  The attorney representing you for your personal injury claim should be able to provide you with an evolving assessment of your case, along with advice on the reasons you may want, or want to avoid, trial.

Chandler | Conway

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