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Criminal Case Prosecutions in Omaha, Nebraska

There are three offices in Omaha that prosecute crimes: (1) The Omaha City Prosecutor’s Office; (2) The Douglas County Attorney’s Office and (3) The U.S. Attorney’s Office.  The Omaha City Prosecutor’s Office handles prosecution of all misdemeanor offenses that are committed in Omaha or Douglas County (i.e. DUI’s, misdemeanor assaults, traffic offenses, etc.).  The Douglas County Attorney’s Office handles the prosecution of all felony offenses that occur within Douglas County, as well as all domestic violence crimes (i.e. murder, robbery, drug possession, felony DUI, domestic assault, etc.).  The U.S. Attorney’s Office handles the prosecution of all federal crimes that take place within the District of Nebraska.

Often times, there is an overlap in jurisdiction between the Douglas County Attorney and the U.S. Attorney.  This happens most often in drug trafficking cases.  If you are being prosecuted for a misdemeanor driving under the influence charge or a simple assault and battery in Omaha, Nebraska, you are likely being prosecuted by the City Prosecutor’s Office.  If you are charged with a felony offense such as felony driving under the influence, felony theft, drug possession or first degree assault, then you are likely being prosecuted by the Douglas County Attorney’s Office.  If your criminal charges involve violation of a federal statute or transporting illegal items across state lines (most often guns or drugs), then you will be dealing with the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

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