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Understanding Insurance Settlements & When to Settle

Often, my clients ask early on how long it will take to settle their insurance claim.  And my response is always the same, and probably just as annoying as so many responses from attorneys can be, and that is – it depends.  It depends on the facts surrounding your case, it depends on the insurance carrier and it depends on how long it takes you to heal.

Whether you are purchasing a car or negotiating prices at a swap meet, before you can competently negotiate the price of something you must know what that something is worth.  Likewise, before you attempt to negotiate settlement of your accident injury claim, you need to know what your claim is worth.

Until you are 100% healed or have reached maximum medical improvement, it is impossible to know for certain what the full extent of your damages are.  Before you attempt to settle your injury case, make sure you have reached MMI and speak with your injury attorney about how to properly evaluate your claim.


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