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Defining Medical Records and Medical Release Forms

We have discussed medical release forms before, but this is a topic that comes up over and over again when discussing accident injury cases.  Because of current privacy laws protecting personal medical information, medical record release forms must be signed before a treatment provider will release records and/or billing statements to an insurance company or law office.

Often times, the other driver’s insurance company will send you medical release forms immediately following your accident.  You are NOT required to sign these forms just because the insurance company asks you to.  Many insurance medical record release forms are unrestricted and give the company access to pretty much any and all of your medical information, whether it relates to your car accident or not.  If you are injured in a accident, speak to an injury lawyer before blindly signing any forms requested by any insurance companies.

Now sometimes you are placing an injury claim with your own auto insurance carrier.  In this situation, you ARE required to provided medical release forms.  The reason for the difference is because of the direct contractual relationship that exists with your own auto insurance company.


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