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My medical bills from my accident are piling up. What should I do?

After being injured in a car accident the last thing someone wants to deal with are the hundreds of different bills from medical providers, hospitals, health care providers and collection agencies.  Most people do not realize that more often than not you can negotiate the amounts you pay back for treatment received for injuries that were caused as a result of an accident.  Beyond the fact that many providers will accept lesser amounts when the bill is paid in one lump sum, injured parties are also entitled to other fee reductions as a matter of law.  There are reductions for attorney’s fees if you have an injury lawyer handling your case; there are statutory requirements as to the amount that may be collected by a treatment provider when the injured party is covered by health insurance; and there are rules regarding an insurance company’s subrogation rights when being reimbursed by their insured.  Receiving medical bills is always a pain, but at least you can take some comfort in that you will likely not be paying the full amount that you have been billed.

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