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Safety vs. Privacy and the Use of “Textalyzers” by Law Enforcement

Chandler | Conway

Chandler | Conway

Saturday July 15, 2017

Because of the rise in car accidents caused by texting and the general use of cell phones while driving, many states have already enacted laws that target drivers who are texting while driving.  With the advent of the “Textalyzer” a whole new set of legislation is being considered that would allow police to tap into drivers’ phones following a crash to help determine fault.  In states that are considering such laws, the legislation is extremely controversial, attempting to balance a driver’s right to privacy versus safety of the community.  There is already such an ongoing battle taking place in New York:

New York ‘Textalyzer’ Bill Threatens Privacy Under the Guise of Safety

Regardless where one stands on the issue, with continued progress in technology, whether self-driving automobiles, cell phones or software applications; it will be extremely interesting to see what transpires over the next few years and how attorneys and lawmakers are able to keep up with how such innovation affects the world we live in.

Chandler | Conway

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