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Car Accident – Injured by Driver Who is Not the Owner

Chandler | Conway

Chandler | Conway

Thursday November 8, 2012

Typically, liability insurance follows the vehicle and medical payment/uninsured motorist & underinsured motorist coverage follows the person.  Generally, it does not matter who owns the car or truck that hit you, as long as the person had permission to be driving the vehicle.  In fact being injured by a guest driver can actually work to your benefit when the car accident injury is serious because there may end up being additional liability coverage.

The priority of insurance when you are injured in an auto accident where the negligent driver is not the owner of the vehicle he or she is driving is:

1st – insurance covering the vehicle which caused the accident;

2nd – the at-fault driver’s own personal liability insurance coverage;

3rd – any applicable umbrella policies covering the at-fault driver;


4th – the injured party’s own underinsured motorist coverage

The above list is not exhaustive, and often there are other options for potential coverage (i.e. a relative or household member’s auto insurance policy, coverage’s accompanying certain credit cards, etc.).  It is important to discuss all possible avenues for insurance coverage with your personal injury lawyer prior to accepting any settlement so as to not overlook any potential sources of compensation.

Chandler | Conway

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